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Rick Yvanovich
Regional National Director

With the Profiles International South East Asia Blog, it is our mission to help organizational leaders and HR professionals improve their performance and workforce productivity. 

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Nearly isolated from the rest of the world, the island country called Japan turns out to have interesting different concepts from that of the continents. One of them is known as “Ikigai”, or simply ‘life purpose’. Close enough to the translation, Ikigai is about how you orient not just your career but your life.


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Recruitment nowadays no longer pays attention to the only purpose of finding labor. What recruiters look for is new member that will sustainably contribute to the growth of organization.

Top 4 Career books that work

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Whether you are looking to find a job, switch into another field or just simply want to be more successful in your current career, then this article is for you. Here, we list 4 books recommended by Forbes magazine for people who are looking for the answer to their career life. The books are categorized into 2 parts: success strategies and job search.


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If your career is a journey, are you going the right way?

Survey: Human Resource 2015 – Challenge & Solutions

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Working with the motto ‘In companion with Vietnam Human resources’, Profiles International South East Asia always listens to HR challenges that enterprise is dealing with. In order to help us fulfil this mission, let’s join us in our campaign for survey named “Human resource 2015 – Challenge & Solutions”

4 Steps to Unlock Your Manager's Hidden Talents


The inspiration for this blog post stems from a common situation of employers. They confided that their best managers were doing a lot of extra work (which was good), but their efforts didn’t align with the overall business goals. So, what could be the possible reasons for this?

Foreign Manager’s Underperformance: Reasons and Solutions


You hire an ideal manager, in your opinion, who has the right skills and experience. Your expectation is that the new manager will drive the company in the right track and double profit. However, for some reason, the manager doesn’t perform well or meet your expectations. The question here is do you attempt to work out the problem with the new manager or do you fire them?

Making the Case for Job Fit

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Is your organization plagued by substandard employee productivity? Do you depend on your employees to be motivated and engaged in their work? How can you improve productivity in the workplace so that you can maximize your bottom line?

Effective Talent Management Starts with Job-fit

http://www.i4sglobal.com/phpThumb/phpThumb.php?src=/images/images/talentmanagementimage.jpg&w=267&far=1&hash=4f2cbc2e1e4dbccf285a7cf329c3dbcfOrganizations that truly value effective talent management place a priority on ensuring good job fit. One way to maximize job fit is to use employee assessments in the employee selection process. Managers need a plan before they seek applicants. Good workers are difficult to find, and a manager needs to not only focus on stellar qualities, but also a person's ability to fit into a certain work culture or accomplish a particular job description.

Lucky is the organization that has the right people in the right place at the right time, or optimal job fit. These organizations operate like high-performance luxury automobiles, zooming along the highway while lesser engines chug, sputter, and die.

70% of your employees are looking to leave jobs. Why? Part 2


The website Badbossology.com conducted an online survey of 1,118 people; it found that 50% of fulltime staff would fire their own bosses if they could. Nearly 30 % would have their boss seen by a workplace psychologist.

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