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Rick Yvanovich
Regional National Director

With the Profiles International South East Asia Blog, it is our mission to help organizational leaders and HR professionals improve their performance and workforce productivity. 

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Salesforce Building: How to Build a Large and Specialised Salesforce Serving Nationwide in the Banking Sector

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On the “2nd Talent Assessment and Development Conference 2014”, in Sales Team Optimisation session, we had Mr. Kalidas Ghose—Deputy CEO cum Head of Retail Banking at VPBank—talked about salesforce building, using his own case study from the salesforce of VPBank.

A Psychologist Looks at Leadership Styles in Business - Part 2: How to Be an Effective Autocratic or Democratic Leader

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How many times have you heard your staffs complain about the way you lead them? How many times have you seen your people leaving you, leaving the team just because of your leadership style? Have you ever said to yourself, “I need to change, to make people around me feel comfortable working with me,” and then failed? Remember, it is not easy to change your behaviors or change your style of leading.

Mindfulness - Part 1: What Is It? How Does It Affect Your Personal Life?


In recent years, people have been talking a lot about mindfulness and mindful meditation and how it has a positive impact upon our lives.

A Case Study of Developing Top Sales Talent for the FMCG Sector


The article today will share with you a case study of developing top sales talent for the FMCG sector. This case study was shared at the “2nd International Talent Assessment and Development Conference 2014” by Ms. Tran Thi Diem Khue from Unilever

A Psychologist Looks at Leadership Styles in Business - Part 1: 3 Common Leadership Styles

Leader vs Manager

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things"—Peter Drucker

4 Steps To Manage A Sales Team More Effectively

phát triển nhân viên kinh doanh

After more than 25 years of sales management experience, let me share 4 steps I believe are essential.

The Science Behind Employee Assessments for Hiring

employee assessments hiring

Personnel decisions are too important to leave to chance, and interviews and background checks can only reveal so much information. In this time of uncertainty, it is imperative companies try to surround themselves with as much certainty as possible.

6 Smart Hiring Steps to Hire the Super Employee

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Although your business may be profitable, that doesn't mean you should ignore issues that could be causing serious long-term damage. If you are experiencing high staff turnover, or your new hires are not fitting well with your organization and its values, follow these 6 steps to ensure smart hiring processes and that you get the most out of your people.

The key to boosting your Sales Team Performance

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Do you ever wonder why your sales teams always seem to have so few star performers?

10 Tips for Recruiting Sales People Successfully


Sales people provide life for all companies.

If everything starts with sales people, it only makes sense to make sure that you are recruiting the best potential sales people.

Tip 1:

Recruit from want, not need. Make recruiting an everyday activity. Don’t wait until you need it.

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