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Rick Yvanovich
Regional National Director

With the Profiles International South East Asia Blog, it is our mission to help organizational leaders and HR professionals improve their performance and workforce productivity. 

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14 Tips for Becoming a Charismatic Leader: Part 1

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With charisma, you'll become more influential, persuasive and inspiring. People will become magnetically drawn to you, trust you and want to learn from you.

All Sales People Make At Least 1 of These 6 Sales Strategy Mistakes. Part 1

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Sales is a competitive industry that requires much preparation, effort and commitment every single day. When you lose a sale to a competitor, it’s easy to blame things like price or unreturned phone calls. Instead of blaming, it’s best to admit you lost the sale because of something you did or didn’t do. Once you identify the sales mistakes you made, you can use what you learned to win your next sale.

A Psychologist Looks at Leadership Styles in Business - Part 3.2: Charisma—A Key Component to Success in Any Leadership Style

book graphic resized 600The reason that most people confer magical status on charisma is that they mistakenly think of it as an attribute that an individual possesses but nothing could be further from the truth.

Charisma is not an attribute, but a perception one person has of another whose personality he or she finds appealing. No one can be charismatic on his or her own.

Talent Acquisition Winning Strategies

talent aquisition

At 2nd International Talent Assessment & Development Conference which happened successfully on September 11, 2014, we had Ms. Van Anh - Managing Director of Navigos Search Vietnam – sharing with the audiences on strategies to acquire talent for any organisation. She explained that the strategy, which was based on her own experiences, would easily make any company stand out from the crowd.

Mindfulness - Part 2.2: How Does Mindfulness Affect Performance, Especially Leadership

mindfulness 2

In part 2.1 of this series, we looked at how mindfulness help improve employees' working performance. Today, in the last past of the series, we will continue to see how important mindfulness is to performance of a leader.

A Psychologist Looks at Leadership Styles in Business - Part 3.1: Charisma - A Key Component to Success with Any Leadership Style


In part two of “A Psychologist Looks at Leadership Styles in Business,” we shared with you some tips to be successful in your position as a democratic or an autocratic leader. In part three, part one, we will discuss a key component, a secret element, which will help you be successful with any leadership style.

Mindfulness - Part 2.1: How Does Mindfulness Affect Performance, Especially Leadership Performance?

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During the past decade, the number of organisations’ leaders indicating that job stress is a major stress in their lives has doubled. The U.S. Department of Health attributes 70% of work-related physical and mental complaints to stress. And health insurance claims related to stress are estimated to cost organisations more than $300 billion yearly.

Salesforce Building: How to Build a Large and Specialised Salesforce Serving Nationwide in the Banking Sector

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On the “2nd Talent Assessment and Development Conference 2014”, in Sales Team Optimisation session, we had Mr. Kalidas Ghose—Deputy CEO cum Head of Retail Banking at VPBank—talked about salesforce building, using his own case study from the salesforce of VPBank.

A Psychologist Looks at Leadership Styles in Business - Part 2: How to Be an Effective Autocratic or Democratic Leader

How to Guide

How many times have you heard your staffs complain about the way you lead them? How many times have you seen your people leaving you, leaving the team just because of your leadership style? Have you ever said to yourself, “I need to change, to make people around me feel comfortable working with me,” and then failed? Remember, it is not easy to change your behaviors or change your style of leading.

Mindfulness - Part 1: What Is It? How Does It Affect Your Personal Life?


In recent years, people have been talking a lot about mindfulness and mindful meditation and how it has a positive impact upon our lives.

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