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6 Worst Social Recruiting Failures

Posted by Thao La on Jun 30, 2015 2:30:00 PM

You cannot deny the power of social media in almost every aspect nowadays, and the recruitment process is no exception. 95% of recruiters are using or planning to use social media as a tool to attract talent to their companies and increase their work performance. Before you try this recruitment channel, here are the 6 worst social recruitment failures to avoid.


1. Failure to create an attractive company social presence

In the social media world, if you cannot catch people’s interest and attention right away, they’ll quickly move on and forget you. You are definitely not the only one using social media to recruit talent. Therefore, as a recruiter, it’s crucial to grasp the candidate’s attention and make them spend more time with your company’s pages. Make sure your social presence is interesting enough to keep them close to you rather than forgettable.

2. Failure to have a specific strategy

One of the main advantages of social media is connecting with large numbers of prospective candidates. With so many social media channels out there, it’s easy to lose sight of the goals you set at the very first stage. That’s why you really need a specific strategy and a clear vision for your social recruitment strategy.

Each social media channel has its own pros and cons, and your target audience may prefer certain social media sites to others. So do some research and include this in your strategy.


3. Failure at building relationships


You can’t just go out there, post a job advertisement and hope to receive top talent CVs unless they know who you are. Social media gives you a great opportunity to build your Employer brand reputation and image. Many people try to look for company’s information via your website and social media pages. How active are you on social media and what’s your relationship with the online community within your industry? Get that right and talented candidates will likely be attracted to you when you have vacancies. In the short term you may not see immediate results, but long-term you will.

4. Failure to provide relevant content

Sending out generic messages and statuses via social media to your target audience will not make them happy or impress them at all. This is considered spam and no one likes spam. Your content should target specific audiences and be relevant to their interests. They are strangers, so you are trying to build up trust and a relationship with them. Let them know how your company will valuable to them through your meaningful content. Make them understand that in your sector, your company is a great place for them to express themselves, learn and grow their knowledge as well as abilities.

5. Failure to targeting the right potential applicants


It is important to define your target applicants from the start so that you can choose the suitable social media channels that your target audience visit and spend most of their time. This also helps you write appropriate messages to attract talent to your company. One of the best features of social media is that you can reach passive candidates. Currently they have a job, so how is your job any more interesting? How does it fit them any better than their current job? Which benefits are you offering that’s better than their current benefits? Use social media channels to build relationships with them, and your opportunity will come when a career change is in their thoughts.

6. Failure to use certain social media channels

There are three big social media sites through which you can reach a huge amount of candidates, but you should also focus on other smaller sites. The smaller channels often mean that they are more focused on specific groups and communities in your industry. Niche channels maybe even better than those big social media channels as they reach right at your specific target audiences. On the other hand, the big ones reach a much larger but general pool and you cannot control who will read your posts.

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This article only provides the top 6 social recruitment failures, there are still many other mistakes that ought to be avoided but not included here yet. Share with us your own experience when using social media channels for recruiting.

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