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7 Crucial Considerations for Hiring Top Performing Sales Reps

Posted by Anh Mai on Aug 30, 2012 10:11:00 AM

nhân viên kinh doanh giỏiOur character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr., New York Best Times bestselling author.

Good character: that is what sales managers need to keep in mind when hiring top performing sales reps. It’s important to hire sales people who have the right competencies and characteristics, and who will perform on the job even when you’re not looking over their shoulder.

With sales people, it’s their job to sell and they’re experts at selling themselves. Along with the product, they’re also selling their knowledge, personality and credibility. This can make them effective sales people; but when it comes to the hiring process, the sales person’s power to persuade and assert themselves can be dangerous.

When hiring sales reps, it can be difficult to decipher whether they’re genuine or if they’re just “selling” to you why they deserve the position. And wrong hiring decisions can really hurt an organization’s productivity and profits.

In general, research has broken down sales teams as having:

    • 16% of sales reps underperform
    • 68% have average sales performance
    • 16% are the top performers

If all the sales reps were hired on the basis of the same qualifications and competencies, one has to wonder how 16% of them underperformed while another 16% became selling superstars.

POST: Deiric McCann: How Assessments Help Hire Exceptional Sales Reps

From a recent Profiles Research report, most poor decisions surrounding the hiring process come from a lack of information. If you want to hire new sales reps that will join the 16% of top performers, you need to know and understand them as best you can. Do they have good character and selling competencies? Do they have what it takes to sell effectively for your organization? To predict if someone will be a selling superstar, you need to know things like:

    • What they value
    • What their capabilities and skills are
    • How they express themselves
    • How they build and maintain relationships
    • How they behave with customers or clients
    • How they work with a team and management  
    • What their personal goals are

You don’t find these answers by simply skimming through stacks of job applications and resumes. So that’s where job assessments come in! Assessments, like the Profiles Sales Assessment, can measure how well a person fits into specific sales positions. It’s great for selecting, onboarding, managing and retaining top sales people. With its “job modeling” feature, it can be customized to fit the needs of any sales position within your organization. Using assessments will ensure your new sales hires will join that 16% of top performers.

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