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Profiles International Vietnam launches next generation Assessment Center and ProfileXT

Posted by Shekhar Bhusannavar on Dec 13, 2012 2:43:00 PM

Ho Chi Minh, 13 December, 2012

Profiles International Vietnam launches next generation Assessment Center and ProfileXT

The Profiles Assessment Center (PAC) is a state-of-the art cloud-based assessment delivery system that enables organisations to effectively manage their assessment processes including scheduling, delivering and report generation. The entire candidate experience is customisable and thus creates a great branding opportunity. The PAC is now available in Vietnamese as well as English, making of uses for our Vietnamese customers to administer their Assessment Center. We’re also launched an updated ProfileXT (PXT) which spots a new look and feel”said Mr Rick Yvannovich, National Director of Profiles International Vietnam.

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The new PAC contains an executive dashboard that displays the status of assessment center in real time. It is upgraded to meet the demand of organization with latest function. With the intuitive navigation, it is now easier to use for hiring managers and candidates. Furthermore, organizations can configure their  own hierarchies, approvals, permissions, roles, and company branding, thus different users can have different permissions and different access to the information in the account, ensuring the unique security and confidentiality in their human resources assessment. Last but not least, Profiles Assessment Center provides powerful assessment scheduling methods and report analytics,  making the hiring job easier and less time-consuming for all users. After a few clicks of the mouse, users will be able to print out every report that they need for hiring decisions.

A new look for the ProfileXT®

With the launching of the Profiles Assessment Center, the ProfileXT® reports are given a new look that serves users with better experience. The ProfileXT®, a multi-purpose, total person employee assessment used for selection, development, training, managing, and succession planning, with 9 powerful reports including Interview Guide, Candidate Matching, Strategic Workforce Planning and Performance Model Comparison.

The new outlook is user-friendly and report layout is clearer  so users can quickly  find out the information they need”. – said Mr Huy Tran, Client Services Manager as Profiles International Vietnam.

About Profiles International Vietnam

Profiles International offers assessment solutions that enable organisations to select the right people and develop them to their full potential. In Vietnam, our solutions have been normed in order to be suitable to local demography and thinking style. Over five years, we have served thousands of people in Vietnam with superior quality products.  Our efforts will bring prosperity to our business, our business associates, our clients, and to the communities in which we live and serve. 

Why not check the latest function of Profiles Assessment Center?

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