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Top 10 most favorite blog posts on human resources in 2012

Posted by Anh Mai on Dec 28, 2012 8:15:00 AM

Do you want to spend more time training and coaching your employees? Do you feel regretful not to have worked harder to develop your leadership for your future management position?

Year-end is an ideal period of time for looking back to coprporate strategies, your roles and working styles even if you are an employee, a manager or any hard-working person. Spend your time considering what was wonderful and what was not perfect in the past year. Learn from the experiences, even good or bad.

"The only source of knowledge is experience" - Albert Einstein.

In this blog of Profiles International Vietnam, we would like to share with you the most favorite blog posts in the past year. In the recent time, we have shared with you hot topics about Leadership skill improvement, Sales, Customer services quality enhancement, Employee encouragement, Human resources management. Let's have a look back on most viewed topics in the past year.

Wish you a successful and happy new year!
Profiles International Vietnam.

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Top 10 most favorite blog posts

Position #10

10 Scary Hiring Practices to Avoid

describe the imageWe all like a good scary movie every now and then (well most of us do anyway!), but nothing is scarier to a CEO than hiring someone who appears to be perfect for the job, and then finding out quickly that he or she is a nightmare. Everyday we see organizations use hiring practices to avoid.


Position #9

When 2 Employees Hate Each Other: 6 Tips for Managing Coworker Conflict

Co worker conflict resized 600If the conflict is among hourly workers, you’d likely be inclined to ignore the spat or perhaps discipline the employees if it has affected their performance. You may even just let one or both go to avoid the drama. However, when the feud is between professional staff, the situation becomes more complicated. And when the conflict is between peers who are vying for an upcoming vacancy due to executive succession planning, emotions and ambitions can get the best of us.

 Position #8

5 Talent Considerations for Mergers and Acquisitions

mergers and acquisitionsIn recent days Google announced their intention to acquire Motorola Mobility. It’s a case of new economy buying old economy. Motorola was once king of the cell phone market, but failed to keep up with advances in smartphone technology. Google has been in the smartphone business for a few years, so perhaps it makes sense that Google’s addition of Motorola will be another arrow in their quiver of Android-based phones.

Position #7

Take a Bite Out of Apple's Guide to Hiring Great Sales Employees

Hiring great sales employeesAn article from Forbes discusses how the tech company successfully hires their retail employees and what specific qualities they look for. The article cites that “Apple doesn’t look for exceptional intelligence or technical mastery,” instead here are seven characteristics the company’s hiring managers look for during their extensive interview process:


Position #6

5 Reasons Why Your Team May be Failing

cách làm việc nhóm hiệu quảWhy do teams win? In sports or business teams win because they have structure, guidance and support. Winning teams have a coach who is there to lead, guide, and instruct them. Did these teams just magically appear? No! Each player is assessed for their talent, skills, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, coaches also look at how each player communicates with one another. They look for team work and chemistry.

Position #5

The Inevitable Truth - Why Motivating Employees is a Must!

right jobMotivating employees can be one of your biggest challenges as an employer, but learning how to inspire your workforce is the key to a successful organization. Constant pressure to increase productivity, profitability and revenue growth can often overshadow the importance of how an unengaged workforce can negatively affect corporate performance.

Position #4

7 Crucial Considerations for Hiring Top Performing Sales Reps

nhân viên kinh doanh giỏiGood character: that is what sales managers need to keep in mind when hiring top performing sales reps. It’s important to hire sales people who have the right competencies and characteristics, and who will perform on the job even when you’re not looking over their shoulder.

With sales people, it’s their job to sell and they’re experts at selling themselves. Along with the product, they’re also selling their knowledge, personality and credibility. This can make them effective sales people; but when it comes to the hiring process, the sales person’s power to persuade and assert themselves can be dangerous.

Position 3

5 Tips on How To Manage Conflict Within Your Sales Team

manage conflictTo have great sales effectiveness, you have to have a great sales team. Within all teams, whether they are NBA players, the neighborhood little league or the company softball team, there is always opportunity for conflict. The same goes for sales teams. And for independent, results-driven sales people, keeping the team in mind may not be their number one priority. So it’s important that sales leaders know how to effectively manage team conflict.


 Poition #2

Death of Success: 6 Damaging Behaviors Salespeople Should Avoid

describe the imageAccording to a Harvard Business Review article by Steve W. Martin, 70 percent of top salespeople are born with natural instincts that make them successful, and the other 30 percent are self-made and must learn to be successful without natural sales instincts. Martin goes on to state that for every 100 people who enter into a sales job without natural sales traits, 40 percent will fail or quit, 40 percent will perform at an average level, and only 20 percent will perform at an above average level.



Position #1

5 Ways to Uncover Employee Attitudes and Boost Engagement

thái độ của nhân viênI’m sure you’ve overheard a coworker on the phone using a pleasant, sugary sweet tone but then mutter a few expletives the moment the call ended. What if you were the person on the other end of the phone? What are your employees’real attitudes towards you, your company, and their work?

One of the focal points of Halloween is to dress up in costume, which usually includes a mask that can hide the person’s true identity. Most people would agree that it’s one of the few times when a person can “let go” and pretend to be someone different. However, I believe that most people already do this on a daily basis.

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