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Want to build the best balanced team? Combine these four letters!

Posted by Vy Huynh on Dec 17, 2013 11:44:00 AM

Teamwork is now a working trend in many companies. They build teams to do projects, to solve customers’ dissatisfaction, to brainstorm ideas for new products, new promotion campaigns, or many others business purposes...The fact is many companies know that they should build teams but they don’t really know how to build effective teams that work well together and that can be a difficult task.

After all, creating a team means bringing together people with different skillsets and varied personalities to work towards a common goal-a complex undertaking. The difficult task that mentioned above is not from “bringing together people with different skillsets” but “bringing together people with varied personalities. Why? Because you can easily know an employee‘s abilities, experiences, knowledge by observation or through KPI reports…but it would take you much more time to really understand personalities of an employee. Once you put different people with very good skillsets but their characteristics cannot work well together as a team, you are building an imbalanced team.

If you are still not clear about what an imbBalancealanced team is, let consider this example. You build a project team of six people bases on their skillsets; each member has perfect experiences, knowledge which are necessary to do the project but you forgot about their personalities. Finally, you have a team with four people who prefer controlling than listening to other members, they tend to push things to follow the deadline, make decisions quickly and not really concern about the quality of work. The rest two members are “yes man”, they are willing to do tasks as assigned but not focus on quality of work also. Obviously, with this team, you may have the work done on time but that could be with a very low quality, and during the working time, conflicts may happen regularly.

What are four letters to build balanced team for an effective teamwork?

The best teams have a blend of four personality types, people with complementary skills. These four are:

Dominance (D): Who

   _Is decisive and direct
    _Likes to control the work environment
   _Works best with minimal supervision and control
    _Takes a challenge easily
   _Is comfortable with change
   _Takes action, not patient
    _Is self-starter
   _Is competitive
   _Is results-oriented

Influence (I): Who

    _Is generally optimistic and enthusiastic
    _Is a good promoter and motivator
    _Enjoys freedom of expression
    _Is extroverted
    _Is people-oriented
    _Enjoys persuading others
    _Is better with the big picture than the details

Steadiness (S): Who

    _Is a dependable and steady team worker
    _Prefers a stable and predictable work
    _Is friendly and works to get along with coworkers
    _May need time to adjust to change
    _Is cooperative
    _Avoids conflict

Compliance (C): Who

    _Is an analytical individual
    _Is accurate and good with details
    _Enjoys working where critical thinking is needed
    _Is a conscientious person with a well-developed
    idea of  'right and wrong'
    _Maintains high standards
    _Tends to be organized

Every people have these four letters in their personalities and most of them are dominant in one of these four areas. Buy understanding which letter the person that you intend to put in a team is dominant, could help you, the company have a better plan to form an effective team.

And now, let imagine again if you have a team of 6 members which is balanced with these four letters. You may have two members who are dominant in D, one member who is dominant in I, one member who is dominant in S and one member who is dominant in C:

  • The two D members always push the team moving forward; they adapt quickly with innovation, changes; they are also people who can make decision in any pressure. However these members usually less concerned how the jobs get done and they may be overpowering to other members…
  • The I members is the one can work very well with other team members, he/she is quite patient in listening to other members’ ideas or persuading people, this person also expresses can do/ optimistic attitudes. But this one sometime may waste time to satisfy every people but cannot produce expected results or he/ she breaks the rule easily…
  • The S member is also a good team member, he/ she is the one who will not get into conflicts with team members, the team can totally believe in this person when assign tasks because this one will be very patient and careful in doing things. The small issue working with this S member is he/ she will not feel comfortable if the team moving forward or change with the high speed…
  • Finally, details oriented is strength that you may need from C member. This person may take more time than others to make plan or organize things before starting doing things but the results he/she produces are always at the high standard of quality. This member expects things to be perfect hence he/ she may become overly critical under stress…


Building a team now is not only choosing 5 or 6 or 7 people with different skillsets to work together. It could be better if you can put in a team with members who have different personalities which can fill in the missing of other team members. The more you build a balanced team the more the team is effective. Understand their characteristics will guarantee you to form a good team and four letter D-I-S-C could help you in predicting or knowing people characteristics.


Do a simple test below to predict partly the letter you are dominant in:

Imagine you are in the meeting with your team to brainstorm ideas for Company Christmas Party location (or any ideas). You have a very interesting idea, and after you propose it to the team, most of other members object that idea, you will:

This is me: Be easy to feel unhappy and tend to say “My idea is the best, you guys have to follow.”This

This is me: Feel normal and tend to say “My idea is not that bad, it’s really interesting, let me explain to you…”

This is me: Feel normal and tend to say “All right, so what is your idea, let’s discuss your idea with reason for choosing your idea then we will choose the best one.”

This is me: Feel unhappy and tend to say “I believe the boss will approve my idea causes it follows all the rules and culture of our company. Explain me why do you object my idea.”

(Click “This is me” to see the result)

The test above is just an initial test, it could not tell exactly the letter you are. To get a better understanding about your personalities or which letter you are dominant in, you better do personalities assessment from valid sources/ producer.

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