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Sales force challenges. Do you deal with any of these on a daily basis?

Posted by Vy Huynh on Mar 19, 2014 10:09:00 AM

describe the imageIn 2013, Profiles International launched an effort throughout North America with the intent to discover and provide solutions for the continent’s biggest sales force challenges. Through this effort, hundreds of multi-national corporations and local business owners revealed their sales force challenges. Below are initial findings on prevailing sales force challenges. Profiles International found that:

  • Even with great monetary incentives, sales teams are not motivated, salary benefits are not enough to entice quality work

  • Managers don’t know the “DNA” of a great sales person and therefore don't know how to replicate top performers

  • Managers do not know how to recruit, train, and develop new sales people

  • Team members are lacking in experience

  • Managers need help understanding each sales person’s ability, and how to leverage that for sales success

  • Sales teams need to learn how to think creatively to gain new customers

  • Managers can’t train their sales team due to budget cuts

  • High degree of turnover, companies have no idea why

  • Companies need to create a team of highly focused individuals

  • Team is great at taking orders, but not at converting opportunities

  • Managers need to determine skills gaps among their sales teams

  • Sales team is not consistent

  • No idea why the sales team performance is below average

According to another research, sales is in the top 5 of positions which are difficult to hire. The turnover rate of this position could be up to 40% and the cost for each wrong sales hiring is very high. Besides, every sales team has Top, Average and Bottom Performers. The typical composition of the team is 16% Top, 64% Average and 16% Bottom performers. Studies have also shown that the Average performers tend to achieve 32% more revenues than the Bottom performers and Top performers achieve 32% more revenues than the Average performers. Thus the gap between the Top and Bottom performer’s revenues is as high as 64%”.

We believe that, it seems a lot of these challenges could be solved if management and sales leaders make a conscious effort to learn more about their people, and also pay particular attention pre-hire.

Do you deal with any of these challenges on a daily basis? Over the next few weeks, we will provide you more articles on how to solve the sales force challenges. And currently, we are running the “Sales Accelerator Program”. This program is beneficial for organizations who would like to optimize their sales team’s performance.

This program will analyze your current team’s sales numbers to precisely quantify the value of the potential sales increase. Profiles International SEA will also build the Top Performer performance model for the sales position based on your current top sales performers. The performance model for your sales position will help your organization in recruiting, managing and training your sales people for Top Performance. Furthermore, by joining the "Sales Accelerator Program", organizations will have the opportunity to experience the scientific tool which is used in recruiting, managing, training and developing sales people to optimize the sales team.

If you are having issues with your sales force and would like to learn more about how “Sales Accelerator Program” can help you optimize your sales team performance, please contact us today or click the link below to learn more about that program. 

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