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The key to boosting your Sales Team Performance

Posted by Shekhar Bhusannavar on Aug 27, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Do you ever wonder why your sales teams always seem to have so few star performers?

If you manage a sales team then you no doubt have a small percentage of 'stars' - the top producers who deliver dramatically more than anyone else on the team, right? 

At the other end of the spectrum you have a small percentage (hopefully) of people who are the polar opposite of your stars. These "bottom performers" distinguish themselves only by the fact that they produce so much less than anyone else on the team.

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Then, finally, you've got a large group in the middle who are, well, average - neither producing as much as your stars or as little as the folks at the other extreme. These people in the middle are good enough that you'd be upset to lose one of them, but not good enough that they ever really have the same impact on your business as your stars.

If this sounds anything like your team (and if you do the numbers honestly you'll find it does!) then don't worry: It's not unusual. One of the largest studies ever undertaken on this sort of distribution of performance by two researchers, Hunter & Schmidt, found that job performance and productivity tended to be distributed pretty much according to what the statisticians called a "normal distribution" with about 16% of people in jobs being "bottom performers", 68% of them being "average performers" and a sad 16% being 'stars' or 'top performers'.

When you apply this study to your sales team, it means that in every sales team, the typical composition of the team is 16% Top, 64% Average and 16% Bottom performers. Studies have also shown that the Average performers tend to achieve 32% more revenues than the Bottom performers and Top performers achieve 32% more revenues than the Average performers. Thus the gap between the Top and Bottom performer’s revenues is as high as 64%. So, if you have a team of just six sales people then one member of that team, your star, is producing 64% more than another - your bottom producer.

The question is what’s the secret to get more top performers and avoid the bottom performers and how do we build an effective sales team?

The “2nd International Talent Assessment & Development Conference” hosted by Profiles International South East Asia can give you the answer. Filled with case studies, best practices and how-to’s from international experts coming from Profiles International, Navigos Search VN, PepsiCo Foods VN, Adecco VN, Premier Oil, Robert Walters VN, Samsung Electronics, VP Bank, RGF Executive Search VN, Richfield Worldwide, Orion Performance Consultants and Unilever VN you’ll find the answer.

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