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14 Tips for Becoming a Charismatic Leader: Part 1

Posted by Vy Huynh on Oct 31, 2014 10:30:00 AM

quote about charismaWith charisma, you'll become more influential, persuasive and inspiring. People will become magnetically drawn to you, trust you and want to learn from you.

Charismatic leaders cause "followers to become highly committed to the leader's mission, to make significant personal sacrifices, and to perform above and beyond the call of duty" said Robert House, a Wharton School business professor.

Below are 14 interesting points to help you practise your leadership charisma:

    1. Make the person you’re talking to feel as if he/she is the most intelligent, impressive and fascinating person in the room.

      Some people think that to be charismatic, they need to be the most impressive person in the room, that they need to stand out in the crowd. That’s wrong. In fact, making people around you explore their value is the better way to become more charismatic.

        2. Make someone feel as if they're the only person that matters, do these three things during conversations:

          • Lower the intonation of your voice at the end of sentences.

          • Reduce how quickly and often you nod.

          • Pause for two full seconds before speaking.

          3. Be mindful and become an excellent listener by deliberately pausing and asking questions when talking to people.

            A study conducted by Harvard professor Daniel Gilbert estimated that 46.9% of the mind "wanders," which is to say that you are 46.9% mindless during a conversation, as your mind is somewhere else. When you are mindless, you don’t actually listen to your companions although you may be trying to show that you are. Your eyes will glaze over and you'll start making facial expressions not typical to a person who is listening, and your companions will notice. 

            John F. Kennedy was known as a "superb listener," who made others feel like he was "with them completely."

            When most of us are trying to show that we're listening, we typically wait for someone to be done speaking before we start. This is not sufficient. Instead, ask people questions. If you're truly not interested, it will show on your face that you're secretly waiting for your turn to speak.

              4. Think of something pleasant so you appear sincere.

                Your brain doesn't know the difference between imagination and reality, so when you imagine something pleasant, your body will react in an open, accepting manner and make you appear sincere in real-life situations. 

                It only takes as little as 17 milliseconds for people to read your face, so any slight, "split-second microexpression" has a good chance of being caught. 

                If there's incongruence between our main expression and that microexpression, people will feel it on a subconscious level: their gut will tell them something's not quite right.

                There's a clear, visible difference between a social smile and a true smile, so think of something pleasant and your smile will be a real one.

                5. Make sure you have the right handshake.

                The right handshake will do more for you than an expensive suit will. Can you imagine someone powerful with a weak, limp, awkward handshake? Probably not. 

                Here are some bad handshakes you need to avoid:

                • Your hand is extended into another, but there is barely any movement.

                • There's too much force in your handshake. The violator is usually someone who doesn't know his own strength or someone who is trying to prove that he should be taken seriously.

                • Your palm is extended down, which symbolises the offender has the "upper hand." A variation of this is where the hand is normal at first, but then twists to gain the upper hand once contact is made.

                • You use your free hand to cover the handshake or the other person’s wrist or arm or shoulder (touching the forearm at the same time is okay)—the politician’s handshake can be too personal or overbearing.

                14 Tips for Becoming a Charismatic Leader. Part 2 >>>

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