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14 Tips for Becoming a Charismatic Leader. Part 2

Posted by Vy Huynh on Nov 4, 2014 11:30:00 AM

“Charismatic leaders create and maintain a work environment where people are emotionally and intellectually committed to the organization’s goals. They build an energetic and positive attitude in others and inspire them to do their very best. In doing so they create a common sense of purpose where people are more inclined to invest extra energy and even some of their own time in their work.”

- Leadership Charisma Book -

6. Choose your seat carefully around a table.

This decision will influence the outcome of the entire negotiation.

When people sit across from one another with a table separating them, they tend to argue more and speak in shorter sentences. If you want to avoid confrontation, sit next to the person or at a 90-degree angle from them. 

Also avoid seating people with their backs to an open space, especially if there is a lot of commotion going on behind them.

7.  Don't compare yourself to others.

It's in our nature to compare ourselves to others, but if you're criticising yourself, "the threat response impairs analytic thinking, creative insight, and problem solving," says David Rock, the founder of the NeuroLeadership Institute.

This affects us personally, but also affects how others perceive us.

8. Combine your power with warmth to create a full, charismatic package.

To show that you're powerful, you don't have to physically have great strength—you can achieve this status by maintaining a strong persona, such as displaying intelligence, like Bill Gates, or kindness, like the Dalai Lama. 

When you increase your level of power, your charisma also increases, but it's best to combine your power with warmth so you don't appear too cold or dictatorial.

9. Don't let self-doubt affect your persona.

In 1978, Georgia State University professors identified that the "imposter syndrome" affected 70% of the population at one point or another. 

This feeling of waiting for someone to expose you as a fraud will create self-doubt, which may make you appear untruthful and unsure of yourself. 

10. Recognise what the problems are and fix them.

In order to be more charismatic, you must identify what’s keeping you from being so. The problems may even be simple. For example, if you're wearing clothes that are too tight, you’ll physically show that you're uncomfortable, though your companions may interpret it as you being disengaged and untruthful.

11. When you're dealing with a difficult group of people, divide them up, then conquer.

12. Make time to warm up before a big event.

When it's especially important that you're charismatic, make sure you fit in a warm-up period that allows you to gradually ramp up to the level you want. Get in the mental state of warmth and power by taking part in an activity beforehand that makes you happy and calms you.

You can invite people to take part in the warm-up activity with you. This can help your audiences engage more with the event and with your speech—these things will increase your level of charisma.

Deiric McCann—Vice President of Profiles International and co-author of Leadership Charisma—has spoken in hundreds of events and conferences around the world about leadership and sales. He usually starts his speech with warm-up activities, which involve all participants. Watch the clip below.

Warm-up activity before a presentation by Deiric McCann

13. Intentionally put yourself in uncomfortable situations so that you can deal with internal discomfort more effectively later on.

14. Know that there are different leadership styles.

You can choose from the different leadership styles based on your personality and the situation. Whatever you do, don't force it, or you'll end up seeming unauthentic. 

You can read more about leadership styles here.

Are you interested in leadership charisma? Do you want to become a more charismatic leader? Then you might want to read the book Leadership Charisma written by Bud Haney, Jim Sirbasku and Deiric McCann. The book will give you all the answers you need to embark on the path to becoming a charismatic leader.

Opportunity to attend workshops "Mindful Leadership" and "Leadership Chairsma" with Deiric McCann

On 11 & 12th September, 2014 at Pullman Saigon Center, HCMC, Vietnam, global assessment solutions provider, Profiles International South East Asia hosted Deiric McCann - Vice President of Profiles International, co-author of Leadership Charisma Book and author - to conduct Mindful Leadership and Leadership Charisma workshops.

Joining these workshops, participants:

  • Got a general understanding about mindfulness and charisma in Leadership

  • Learned the importance of mindfulness and charisma upon leaders' performance

  • Learned some tips to become a mindful leader or charismatic leader

If you would like to request to attend these workshop in Vietnam, don't hesitate to subscribe our blog page and send a request email to marketing@profiles-sea.com

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