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How to Design a Work Space or Home Office to Increase Productivity

Posted by Profiles International SEA Blogger on Mar 31, 2015 9:40:00 AM

Even if you have great JobFit and you are in your dream job, you may find yourself struggling to focus in a workspace that hasn’t been well thought out. If you don’t love your workspace you are much less likely to be productive. Here are a few ideas from Jane Blanchard (Modernize) to help you make the most of your work space.

1. Increase lighting


Via Modernize

If your environment is too dark, you may find yourself getting sleepy unable to focus on your work. Light signals your brain that it's time to kick into high gear and get to work. The natural variety is best, so pull back the curtains and open the blinds. If you work in a corporate atmosphere with limited to no control of your sunlight exposure, artificial options will work just fine. Try a desk lamp equipped with natural light bulbs or light-therapy products.

2. Make room for ideas


Via Modernize

Great ideas are fleeting little creatures that need to be harnessed immediately. In the time it takes to find and open a writing program or an app on your smartphone, your incredible idea can lose its clarity or even disappear entirely. To make the most of your thoughts, make room on your desk for an old-fashioned pen and paper. Be sure to keep it within arm's reach, so it is ready for use at a moment's notice. This simple yet significant accommodation can be achieved in any workplace environment.

3. Create a Snack Station


Via Modernize

Your brain and body need to refuel throughout the day. Instead of interrupting workflow to retrieve a snack, set up an area nearby with energizing refreshments. Choose foods that you can eat one-handed to allow for continuous work. Consider nourishing fruits, granola bars or crackers. If you need a well-deserved break, eating a snack is a great opportunity to rest and replenish at the same time. Even in this case, a conveniently placed snack station will get you back to work faster.

4. Create with Inspiration in Mind


Via Modernize

It’s likely you have to spend a large chunk of your day in your work area, so create an atmosphere that inspires you. Do you work to support your family? Arrange pictures of them throughout the space for motivation. Do you have a favorite piece of art that makes you smile? Hang it front and center over your desk. Whatever your sources of inspiration may be, fill your office with them for an environment that encourages effective work.

When you design your office, keeping these simple tips in mind can help create a setting that promotes success

Head to Modernize.com to find more design ideas and inspiration. 

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