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5 Big mistakes recruiters should avoid

Posted by Thanh Le on Apr 21, 2015 11:38:00 AM

Mining the Internet for candidates is certainly one method recruiters use. However, the process that is used to filter potentials is where there are 5 common mistakes recruiters ought to avoid.

1. The perfect match

A detailed job description itself has quite enough information about what the recruiter is looking for in candidates. It mentions desirable skills suggesting what kinds of qualification the candidate should have to handle the job well. Unfortunately recruiters tend to look for candidates who only meet 100% of this list.

The truth is recruiters will hardly find such candidates. Sometimes the best people that have every possible range of experience listed turn out to be ones that may not last long in the job because there’s nothing new for them to learn. Experienced recruiters note that the best fit to find is someone who meets about 70% of your requirements; that way there’s room for them to grow into the position.

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2. Top of the salary range

There is an assumption popular among recruiters that says they should hire people at the top of the salary range because these people are going to be the most desirable choice for that particular position. The reality, however, is the opposite.

When you hire someone at the top of the range, there often isn’t a budget to give them raises, and consequently, they might not last as long in the job as someone who is hired at the middle or lower end of the range. On the other hand, people with an expected salary below the range will be motivated by a salary bump. You can also consider an increase as an opportunity to encourage loyalty and commitment.

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3. 100% stick to job description

Job descriptions are very important for recruiters to shape in their mind the figure of the potential candidate. However, some of them prove to be quite vague and don’t really match what the actual job entails. This results from many factors including an inappropriate performance model built on subjective opinion of a single individual instead of on core characteristics of the actual top employees in such a position.

Recruiters can solve this problem by speaking with the manager of the department verbally to gain a more accurate understanding of what’s really required for the position. This way a recruiter can line up skills more realistically and make a better match.

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4. Based on past hires

This mistake is for the head hunter agency. The head hunter agency has a tendency to remember everything from their last successful recruitment with the client, including the type of candidate that resulted in a hire. Just because you’ve had success placing a certain demographic or type of candidate with one particular client, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be open to something entirely different for the next available spot.

The client is not only looking for a specific type of person, who went to a certain type of school, and the truth is, regardless of some must-have requirements, the rest of the job listing is typically quite open. They only need the ones that fit the job and you can help to create a more diverse team that represents a variety of perspectives.


5. Previous work experience matters the most

If a recruiter is looking for a candidate with a certain number of years’ experience doing a job, often it’s too easy for them to just assume that the one with the most experience will win the competition.

Nevertheless, it’s not necessarily an effective way. The best candidate has to be the one who can show that they can actually solve the problems that will come up in their position. The only way to know whether they’ve got such skill or not is by asking behavioural questions about how they solved problems in the past. Such kinds of questions should be used throughout the interview process.

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Being a recruiter might be the best thing that happens to your career, or it might be a nightmare. Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you don’t. This article is designed to be a small voice that will whisper in your ear the mistakes that you are likely to make performing the duties of your job. Avoiding these common mistakes and you’ll improve your reputation for the long haul.

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