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Top 5 Mistakes When Recruiting a Manager

Posted by Thanh Le on Nov 16, 2015 3:00:00 PM

Hiring managers can be a headache for recruiters since a large part of the business’s success will be in their hands. If you do not want a big investment and a small return, avoid these top five mistakes when recruiting a manager.

1. Not knowing what you need


Not knowing what you want in a manager is dangerous for your company. If this is you, make a list based on the job description. Then you will have an idea of the kind of skill sets, knowledge, degree and talent you are looking for in a manager. Check with your boss, or your team, to ensure your list reflects your company’s needs as well.

2. Taking the resume at face value


You found a candidate who, from the look of his resume, fits, or even exceeds, the requirements on your list. Happy? You shouldn’t celebrate yet. First, verify all the information the candidate put down on his or her resume. Some people think recruiters will not check their credentials, so they exaggerate, or flat-out lie.

It may take you a fair amount of time to check the resume, but it will be worth it to ensure you pick the best manager. After all, this person will control a great deal of your business.

3. Asking the wrong questions


Because recruiting great managers is so crucial, take the time to make a list of the right questions to ask. You should ask candidates about their vision, their management style and their development plan for your products or services. Their answers will reveal how much they know about your company and whether they are passionate about working for you.

4. Forgetting about cultural fit


Although expertise and experience are extremely important, you also need to consider how a candidate will fit within your company’s culture. Based on the behavioural and managerial answers you will get, you’ll already have a picture of your candidate, but after the interview, make sure you come across a company culture checklist before sealing the deal.

5. Rushing it


You are hunting for a manager since you need someone who can oversee your employees immediately, and you feel like a train without the locomotive. Rushing can lead to horrible results for your company, and that is not a smart investment at all.

Think of it this way, you need someone who can make the right decisions and strategic plans to develop your company. This is important, so take your time and find the right person.

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