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Top 6 Biggest Interview Calling Mistakes Recruiters Make

Posted by Thao La on Jun 4, 2015 10:17:00 AM

As a recruiter, you probably make a lot of cold calls a day to job seekers. However, would you rather make hundreds of calls with a 5% success rate – or just 25 calls with 20% success rate? Before you pick up your phone and invest time and energy, you want to make sure you have high effectiveness rate as possible. So below is the list of 6 cold calling mistakes most recruiters make in their daily work that you may want to acknowledge and avoid these.


1. Make schedule

You should notify your candidates about the calling via email. What if you call at the time they just wake up from sleeping, you may not get what information you want and even worse losing a good and potential candidate. Additionally, making schedule for your work will keep you productive.

2. Start with wrong attitude and mind-set

50% of your success depends on psychology whether you are happy, motivated, inspirational, enthusiastic and energetic? It is not enough to work well just when you have these emotions, you have to master it. So when you need them for cold calling, you can have it. Just simply sit the way make you feel comfortable. Start your day with your favourite drink. Make your desk well-organized or decorate it with the items make you feel relaxed and happy. Then put on a smile and start to make calls. The people who receive call can feel how you feel and your attitude through your voice. And your attitude will affect the candidates’ answer.
You represent your company to the others too, thus you will gain good image among candidates when calling them. As a result, you may win top candidates for your company.

3.    Calling the wrong candidates

Don’t just pick up your phone and call all the candidates who apply for. Look at their resume closely and identify which qualities fit with your requirements. Prioritise your calling list so you can call the hottest candidate first and maybe spend more time to ask them through phone. It will take lessen your time when moving to the next stage which is face-to-face interview.

4.    Don’t have clear objective

If you don’t have goal, you cannot expect to achieve it and measure what success is to you. Be clear and specific about the purpose of your call, whether you call candidates because of a vacancy, an interview or a confirmation? What is your primary and secondary objectives? This will make your work flow and direction of your work much easier before you pick up your phone.

5.  Lack of preparation


You cannot come to an interview without reading candidates’ CV in advanced and it is similar to cold calling. After doing some research, make a checklist of information you want to ask candidates, questions which help you confirm their experiences, educational background and extra curriculum activities information. Some exaggerate on their CV, so you should stay alert and try to come up a few questions to confirm the information.
Tip: Ask questions in indirect way, then ask for that information but in another way. Keep these question away from each other. If they lie or exaggerate, you can figure out with this tip.

6.  Fail to ask open questions

If you want to have a meaningful conversation with your candidates and make a good understanding about them, you need to ask them a lot of open questions. Asking closed questions will end the conversation very quickly, and it is hard for you to find out how your candidates are. So next time, you should prepare a list of open questions to ask candidates. You may ask some questions related to your company to see whether your candidates did some research about your company or not, or they just apply randomly without consideration. This will help you lessen your time in the face-to-face interview.
These 6 phone interview mistakes are the common one that recruiters make. The advice is there to guide and improve your work performance. If you have any better advice to help recruiter get over and fix their mistakes, please share in the comment box below. Or if you recognize other mistakes that recruiters make on daily basis, help us to improve this article by sharing your opinions.

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