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Survey: Human Resource 2015 – Challenge & Solutions

Posted by Binh Nguyen on Mar 16, 2015 8:57:00 AM

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3 Lessons from Companies Getting Employee Engagement Right

Posted by Huy Tran on Oct 1, 2013 8:00:00 AM

There is no one way to increase employee engagement, but most HR professionals would agree that creating a healthy company culture is a good place to start. Employees at Google, SAS and Boston Consulting Group would also agree. All three companies topped this year’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list. Each company can teach us a lesson about the influence of a strong company culture on employee engagement.  

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How to Give Feedback to Your Boss Without Getting Fired

Posted by Rick Yvanovich on Aug 1, 2013 9:30:00 AM

You have concerns about something at work. Who would you be more inclined to speak to about it, your supervisor, manager, vice-president or CEO?

The topic of giving feedback can be quite a sensitive one, as the issue may be about how your boss is conducting himself. No one likes to tell the person that pays their salary that they are doing something wrong. However, a true leader and fair boss will appreciate your feedback considering it is fair and true.

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Identify and Develop Your Very Best Leaders

Posted by Shekhar Bhusannavar on Jan 22, 2013 8:15:00 AM

Not all people in leadership positions are effective leaders, but they can be developed into excellent leaders. Extraordinary leaders are not born or created over night. Some may say that Richard Branson has a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ about him, that Steve Jobs grasped the attention of everyone when he presented to an audience, or that Jeff Bezos is the most upbeat CEO of our time. But what really makes a great leader in big and small organizations today?

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Profiles International Vietnam in the hugest HR Day of the country

Posted by Dong Dao on Oct 15, 2012 4:33:00 PM

On October 14th, Profiles took part in the HR Day 2012 – the hugest HR event in Vietnam. HR Day is an annual event for entrepreneurs and HR community, taking place at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This year, HR Day 2012 themed on “Quality of Vietnamese Business Leaders” appears to be a hot and attractive topic, regarding the gloomy economic situation and shortages of talented managers and leaders.

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4 Steps to Help Any Manager Delegate More Effectively

Posted by Anh Mai on Jul 3, 2012 10:45:00 AM

The secret to delegating effectively lies in four components, each of which must be fulfilled to have successful outcomes. For today's leader, learning to delegate is crucial to expanding your reach and meeting the huge demands on your time. Success will remain elusive if you don't understand the art and science of delegation. This post is more on the science.

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Management Tip: See Yourself Through the Eyes of Your Employees

Posted by Anh Mai on May 15, 2012 1:34:00 PM

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9 Classic 360 feedback mistakes (Part 2)

Posted by Anh Mai on Feb 7, 2012 5:02:00 PM

Mistake 6: Making it an event rather than a process

360 feedback can turn out to be events rather than part of a developmental and feedback process.Ironically a big launch reinforces that idea but without continuous improvement and follow up and evaluation, a 360 feedback process will not be successful.

Try and think of the actual 360 feedback report but one milestone on the way to people working in a focused and continuous way on their own development.

One way of engraining this process into the culture is to repeat a 360 feedback process after having had some time working on a development plan. (Typically 12 -18 months later.) It can reenergise the persons development identify new challenges and provide a useful benchmark of progress.

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9 classic 360 feedback mistakes (part 1)

Posted by Anh Mai on Feb 3, 2012 4:56:00 PM

Mistake l: Not knowing why you are doing it:

The 360 feedback process is a really useful tool for facilitating change in individuals and teams. We also know that it doesn’t always meet this objective, and one of the contributing reasons for that is not being clear on the good sound business reasons for introducing it.

Do not do this just because a Senior Manager says so, or you feel everybody else is doing it so you should. If a 360 process is a solution then consider what is the organisational problem?

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3 common misconceptions about 360-degree feedback

Posted by Anh Mai on Jan 30, 2012 4:25:00 PM

"It can fix or replace a flawed performance appraisal system." Managers often conclude that 360 is a high-tech answer to problems with performance appraisal. While 360-degree feedback probably should become part of the solution, it has never been used effectively to manage both performance development (competence) and performance review (results). The main value of 360 feedback is to give individuals information about the process of performance—how their work gets done. It’s not the best tool for evaluating performance results—what gets done—which in most cases are quantifiable and better measured by other means.

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