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What are the major benefits of 360-degree feedback?

Posted by Anh Mai on Nov 12, 2011 4:06:00 PM

People need feedback, and 360-degree feedback is the most effective way to give them information about hard-to-measure aspects of their performance. 360 lets you ask for and get feedback from many sources about a comprehensive array of closely related workplace behaviors. If done in the right way, the 360-degree feedback can be exceedingly valuable.

Coworker feedback: Giving effective feedback requires a certain amount of interpersonal skill. Most people are uncomfortable in the feedback role—whether giving positive or constructive feedback—and they’re happy to leave this task to managers. Also, most people don't like being negative, and they don't want to risk offending their coworkers. 360-degree feedback gives people a safe vehicle for giving their opinions about another person's work patterns.

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What is 360-degree feedback?

Posted by Anh Mai on Nov 11, 2011 3:59:00 PM

It's really hard to see yourself as others see you, even when you're trying your best to be open and objective. Any manager who has ever been blindsided with complaints from a subordinate, or an employee who has been struck by a poor evaluation from a superior knows how hard it is to judge yourself, by yourself. And that's where 360-degree feedback comes in.

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Topics: Employee Assessment Tools, 360 Degree Feedback

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