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Changes in B2B buying process requires for changes in organisations’ sales training program

Posted by Vy Huynh on Aug 19, 2014 10:30:00 AM

i CRMThere are two processes at work in every sale: the selling process and the buying process. The buying process that prospects take today is completely different the one they followed in the past. Buyers today are firmly in control of the engagement. They have more access to more information than at any time in the history of sales. They are using this information to do a lot of the work in the early stages of the buying process without the help of a salesperson. They do a lot of online research about your website, they’re downloading content and they’re engaging with your social channels without the salesperson’s knowledge to create a short-list of vendors, and they rely on the power of social media and peer-to-peer communication to make decisions even before they engage with a salesperson.

A survey by International Data Corporation found that B2B technology buyers receive an average of 6 phone calls and 14 emails per day from vendors. Since they’re inundated with data and sales pitches, it’s not surprising that the IDC’s respondents return a paltry 10.5% of phone calls and 9% of emails from new vendors. Now that informed buyers can thoroughly research their own options, a call from a new sales representative can be more of a nuisance than a service. If your company's sales training programs haven't evolved alongside these changes in buyer behavior, you could find yourself increasingly out of touch.

A need for high-class sales training

Far beyond basic skills training, sellers must learn how to engage and execute with customers and prospects at this new pace of business – and in a way that solves real business problems. By building precision into each interaction, you can replicate success and ultimately get even closer to your customers. That is the reason why  Global assessment solutions provider, Profiles International South East Asia hosted Mr. Al Rainaldi, Managing Director – a certified trainer of Miller Heiman Global, to host a high-class sales training course, to deliver the Miller Heiman Sales Training from 8th-10th September at the Pullman Saigon Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

About Miller Heiman Sales Training

Miller Heiman sales training programs leverage a holistic, customer-centric approach that helps you target complex sales opportunities and create a path to providing successful sales solutions. Based on real-world customer scenarios and requirements, this approach focuses your time and resources where you have the greatest chance to succeed.

Millions of sales professionals have already attended “The Strategic Selling® and Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions programs”. The program helps map out both the sales opportunity being pursued as well as the expected outcomes of each critical customer interaction.

From the seller’s point of view, the Strategic Selling® process provides visibility into the sales opportunity. This involves first identifying all key players in the customer’s organization, understanding each player’s degree of influence and their reasons for buying, and uncovering essential information. Conceptual Selling® Customer-Focused Interactions shifts the focus from the selling to the buying process. This program provides a simple, repeatable structure that adds discipline to be client focused and results oriented at every customer meeting.

This program combination provides organizations a more complete picture of the elements at play in a complex sale. Time and energy will be focused on those opportunities most likely to become profitable, long-term customers. This combination also gives organizations a common process and language for pursuing sales opportunities and planning for effective customer interactions.

Click here for more information and register for the Miller Heiman Sales Training >>>

If you would like to request to attend a formal Miller Heiman Sales Training Course in Vietnam, don't hesitate to subscribe our blog page and send a request email to marketing@profiles-sea.com

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