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Mindfulness - Part 2.1: How Does Mindfulness Affect Performance, Especially Leadership Performance?

Posted by Vy Huynh on Oct 23, 2014 10:30:00 AM


o WORK STRESS facebookDuring the past decade, the number of organisations’ leaders indicating that job stress is a major stress in their lives has doubled. The U.S. Department of Health attributes 70% of work-related physical and mental complaints to stress. And health insurance claims related to stress are estimated to cost organisations more than $300 billion yearly.

"Stress level has a direct impact on a company’s performance. Companies should focus on developing not only people’s capabilities but also mind control that can lead to making good judgments under severe stress.”—LG Economic Research Institute

Today, stress is one of the leading problems for employees. It is not only a risk to personal health but business management.”—Samsung

Studies have shown that individuals cannot give their attention to multiple things at once and hope that their brains will function at the same level as it would if focused on just one thing. Two tasks cannot receive equal attention at the same time. One will be the focus, and the other will exist as "noise" to be categorised and perhaps filtered out.

Giving attention to one thing at the expense of another leads to "attentional blindness" which is just what it sounds like. Focusing on one thing squarely makes people essentially blind to other stimuli. Neuroscientists have concluded that multitasking is not possible. When a person thinks she is multitasking well, what she is likely doing is task-switching, which is taxing on the brain and can be interpreted as a negative stress.

In today's accelerating business world, we live in an always-on, round-the-clock work atmosphere, are barraged with increasingly more information needing to be assimilated and are pressured to do more with less. For this reason, mindfulness is being taught and practised in a describe the imagegrowing number of organisations worldwide in the effort to improve personal and professional effectiveness and overall organisational productivity.

We understand the importance of managing their stress not just for the benefits to Samsung, but for the benefits to our employees’ families and society, in general. Currently, we are…conducting yoga lessons and meditation programs, as well as volunteer activities to help employees stay productive in a supportive working environment.” —Samsung

After applying mindfulness meditation to 6,400 employees, IF Insurance, Sweden, realised that:

  • 88% of participants highly increased their ability to stay focused
  • 76% of participants highly increased their positive relationships within their teams
  • 68% of participants highly increased their personal efficiency and productivity
  • 60% of participants highly increased their ability to counteract stress

Transport for London Company also employed mindfulness programmes for their employees in order to reduce stress and increase resilience. These are the results they gained after three years, with 1,250 participants:

  • Days off for stress, anxiety and depression fell by 71%
  • Absences for all conditions halved
  • 80% reported improvements in their relationships
  • 79% spoke of improvements in their ability to relax
  • 64% told of improvements in sleep patterns
  • 53% said they were happier at work

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS once again indicated the benefits of mindfulness meditation to employees’ performance:

  • 93% to 100% improved performance at work
  • 45% to 59% had a great or significant performance increase
  • 100% said that mindfulness helped them function better when under pressure and helped them improve management of strong emotions and difficulties
  • 93% said that mindfulness helped them improve relationships with colleagues and helped them focus on their work better
Source: Mindful Leadership by Deiric Mccann

So besides helping improve employees’ performance, why else is mindfulness gaining so much attention from many organisations’ leaders? Read the part 2.2 now

Mindfulness - Part 2.2: How Does Mindfulness Affect Performance, Especially Leadership >>>

Opportunity to attend workshops "Mindful Leadership" and Leadership Chairsma" with Deiric McCann

On 11 & 12th September, 2014 at Pullman Saigon Center, HCMC, Vietnam, global assessment solutions provider, Profiles International South East Asia hosted Deiric McCann - Vice President of Profiles International, co-author of Leadership Charisma Book and author - to conduct Mindful Leadership and Leadership Charisma workshops.

Joining these workshops, participants:

  • Got a general understanding about mindfulness and charisma in Leadership

  • Learned the importance of mindfulness and charisma upon leaders' performance

  • Learned some tips to become a mindful leader or charismatic leader

If you would like to request to attend these workshop in Vietnam, don't hesitate to subscribe our blog page and send a request email to marketing@profiles-sea.com

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