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Mindfulness - Part 2.2: How Does Mindfulness Affect Performance, Especially Leadership

Posted by Vy Huynh on Oct 27, 2014 10:30:00 AM

In part 2.1 of this series, we looked at how mindfulness help improve employees' working performance. Today, in the last past of the series, we will continue to see how important mindfulness is to performance of a leader.

mindfulness 2Mindfulness is a core component of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence has been demonstrated again and again to have more impact upon performance than cognitive abilities—especially in leaders. At the very core of Emotional Intelligence are two key attributes: Self-awareness (the awareness of one’s emotions and the effects they have upon behaviour and the ability to accurately assess oneself) and self-management (the ability to master one’s emotions and take decisions “on purpose” and to be generally adaptable). With robust self-awareness and self-management capabilities, leaders have a solid foundation for building all of the other elements of emotional intelligence.

“Awareness is all about attention…and where we CHOOSE to place it at any moment in time. Without the self/other awareness that comes from mindfulness it’s impossible to be consistently emotionally intelligent.”—Deiric McCann

Have you ever wondered why some people you meet in your daily life as a leader are so good at winning over or influencing other people? They can make people feel comfortable: talking to them; listening to them; loving and following them. What’s their secret? It’s as simple as the fact that they are mindful: they give everyone they meet their full and undivided attention. Paying attention may sound easy, but few of us apply our full focus when interacting with others. In our culture of distraction and multi-tasking, the ability to completely engage with another person is an unusual trait. And when you consider that average smartphone users check their device every six and a half minutes, or that on average we give only one-third of our attention to the person we are having a conversation with, their mastery of the art of paying attention seems even more impressive and rare.

 “In more than 30 years of research, we've found that increasing mindfulness increases charisma and productivity … when mindful we can take advantage of opportunities and avert the dangers that don't yet exist. This is true for the leader and the led.”—Dr. Ellen Langer, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

In conclusion, though business leaders see the need to do more things faster to become more effective leaders, they instead need to learn how to prioritise their attention to do the most important things really well and get engagement from followers. Attention is a limited resource. Paying attention to one thing comes at the expense of another.

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Source: Mindful Leadership by Deiric McCann

Opportunity to attend workshops "Mindful Leadership" and Leadership Chairsma" with Deiric McCann

On 11 & 12th September, 2014 at Pullman Saigon Center, HCMC, Vietnam, global assessment solutions provider, Profiles International South East Asia hosted Deiric McCann - Vice President of Profiles International, co-author of Leadership Charisma Book and author - to conduct Mindful Leadership and Leadership Charisma workshops.

Joining these workshops, participants:

  • Got a general understanding about mindfulness and charisma in Leadership

  • Learned the importance of mindfulness and charisma upon leaders' performance

  • Learned some tips to become a mindful leader or charismatic leader

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