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Inappropriate Questions Interviewers Need To Avoid (Part 2)

Posted by Thanh Le on Apr 29, 2015 8:25:00 AM

In part 1 of this article, you have been acknowledged quite many ways to approach subject you want without asking an inappropriate question. Let’s keep going with more subjects.

Subject: Health and Family/Marital Status

No appropriate question to ask about health unless the position requires unique physical condition. (‘How are you?’ is more like greetings to start conversation than a health question) A health certificate is only necessary after you decide to hire them.

It is reasonable for candidate to ask you if this question about marital status is related to the job. In that case, you can explain that you want to know whether applicant can meet work schedules because it does differ from one to another when they are married, single, separated, divorced, engaged; have children; pregnancy or have child care plans.

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Subject: Education

Only requirement to know more about degrees or equivalent experience that are related to the job being applied for is appropriate. Questions about education that are not related to the job, of course, is not.

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Subject: Race, Appearance and Religion

Race or any comments about complexion, color, height, or weight is appropriate, unless you are interviewing models (still, race is not something to discuss in interview).

Similarly, inquiries on religious preferences, affiliations, or denominations are so sensitive to mention unless the job is so special that some of its duty is against some religion. (For example, you can’t hire a taster who is not allowed to consume pork).

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Subject: Sexual Orientation

There is no relation between sexual orientation and any jobs you hire. Therefore, inquiries revealing stereotypes for certain sexual orientation is very inappropriate to ask for.

Subject: Work experience

You can certainly ask about work experience but by ‘work experience’, it means applicants' previous employment experience, not sick leave use or workers' compensation claims in previous job.

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In general, there are 3 three rules to remember about asking questions in interviews.

• Ask only what you need to know and related to the job.

• If you are not sure whether the question is appropriate or not, don’t ask it.

• If you ask one, you must ask ALL applicants. Different answers gives you more material to easily compare and evaluate.

Questions represent your purpose and express your professionalism. Smart questions get the ‘right’ answer, which is what you expect to know about the candidate in order to make decision. Asking inappropriate question will get you nowhere, which might leave bad impression of unprofessional for candidate. Recruiters who knows to address what they want to know by appropriate questions will get the most efficient interview.

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